The Devil Wears Prada "Space” Album Review

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Hailing from 'The Buckeye State' amidst American heartland, ensemble of fine-tuned yet untamable manimals in metal rock prove less is more, taking fandom out of this world.

MUSIC REVIEW BY JENMEDIA: Newly released by The Devil Wears Prada (Rise Records) is a six-track EP titled "Space."  I'm always up for listening to new music ranging in styles and genres, so naturally was happy to oblige when Need406 suggested we check this one out. 

Band: The Devil Wears Prada 
Album: "Space" (Extended Play) 
Released: August 21, 2015
Label: Rise Records 

"Space" Album Cover

IT'S NOT ABOUT THE GENRE BUT IT'S ABOUT THE GENRE | METAL, METALCORE: "To define is to limit," once said Oscar Wilde. Hence, I'll start with the obvious by noting this is a metal band. From there, the sound and following somewhat flourishes across meltalcore and a plethora of sub and cross over there below. To be candid, if I highlight metalcore or another sub genre chances are someone will either scold me for not playing up the christian music element more or another may disagree and fire off bullet list shots of other sub genre offspring. It's metal music that, like a bottle of fine wine as tasted (listened) by me, is substantially laced with metalcore. Unless it's coming from the band members themselves (or maybe someone like Henrypedia Rollins), I'm just not comfortable labeling it otherwise. 

BACKSTORY: For those new to the metal realm, flashes of a svelte red shoe or catty fashion ice queen may come to mind when first learning the band's name. Far from the essence of chick lit mod, their origin predates the said film with the band's name being based on anti materialism views. The group was formed in Dayton, Ohio circa 2005 by lead singer Mike Hranica. Since then two founding members have left, the most recent being the split from guitarist Chris Rubey. The last album released was "8:18" for which the band received fantastic reviews, topping both hard rock and christian music charts. 

LESS IS MORE: Depending on the band and approach, an EP can serve as a refreshing and creative outlet. Such is the case here. And these guys are no strangers to story telling via extended play, case in point being "Zombie." 

"Space" takes listeners on an audio journey that encapsulates the heavy and deep with a space-age modern, edgy feel. The voyage starts out intentionally lean and slight with the first track, "Planet A," which is introduced by bits of audio and dispatch between a launch pad and astronaut. The song builds up and increases the pace about a minute into it, thus revealing misfortune and doom for the said galactic mission at hand and thereby setting the storyline. "Alien" and "Moongod" continue the concept while packing in more intensity and heavy riffs.  The instrumental piece, "Celestial Mechanics," takes you on (for lack of a better term) an intermission so to speak; free-floating amidst pleasantly black, deep space.  Soon the listener is sucked back in to the appealing contagion that "Supernova" dishes out. But don't get too cozy, now, folks, because the "Asteroid" is coming... 

01.  Planet A
02.  Alien
03.  Moongod
04.  Celestial Mechanics (instrumental)
05.  Supernova
06.  Asteroid 

Mike Hranica (vocals)
Jeremy DePoyster (rhythm guitar, clean vocals)
Andy Trick (bass)
Daniel Williams (drums)

Touring, contributing members (of this EP): 
Jonathan Gering (keyboards)
Kyle Sipress (lead guitar)

NEXT MISSION: You can catch them at a show in Chi town late September or otherwise connect with the quartet via the links listed below. (Tour Info:

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