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May 11, 2016; Tampa, FL -- Not to be confused with Mick Jagger circa 1971 or messy bar-b-que picnics, Sticky Fingers is a five-man band of fresh musical talent currently playing their way throughout the U.S.


Deeply rooted in 'Down Under,' the band Sticky Fingers, also known as "STI-FI," was formed in 2008 and has been honing a flavorful, contagious sound all their own ever since. Simply complex -- the band's sound is distinct -- being a special blend of lively reggae, catchy lyrics, and wild peyote funk... ...all held tightly in a fist full of bonafide rock. There aren't a plethora of acts out there delivering this sort of thing. Not as successfully, anyway. Peaking at the top of the Austrailian charts since 2013, the skilled quintet has gained popularity beyond their homeland. Most recently, STI-FI has booked and sold out shows in a slew of countries all throughout Europe. Now they're here.

Despite it being a Wednesday night in Tampa, the show was nothing less than high octane with impressive, diverse vocals and rhythm.

The vibe and sound ranged from loud, contagious, in-your-face, testoserone dipped tracks to a few slow, sulky crowd favorites like "These Girls," from their album Caress Your Soul (2013). The band's latest track, "Outcast At Last," is from their forthcoming (mystery) album, the name of which, to date, has yet to be announced. Regardless of the track or tempo, no one relented. Wednesday was the new Friday. The atmosphere was both laid back and high energy with an eclectic, fun, bucked up crowd who just wanted more.

A manimal collective, individually speaking... ...the members mesh well while still maintaining their own particular talent and style. This group is both entertaining and engaging in more ways than one. Whether they are wearing clothes or not (you'll just have to attend one of their shows to know what I'm talking about).

Between sets the band remarked on it being their first visit to Tampa. The audience roared, embracing them fanatically... ...which tells me it definitely won't be their last.

Set List For Sticky Fingers' May 11, 2016 Show:

01. Land of pleasure
02. These Girls
03. Gold snafu
04. Our Town
05. Bootleg Rascal
06. Just For You
07. Tunebot
08. Liquor Lip Loaded Gun
09. Dreamland
10. Rum Rage
11. Outkast
12. How To Fly
13. Australia Street

Show Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Opening Act: Bootleg Radical
Venue: The Orpheum

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