One Less Reason "The Memories Uninvited" Album Review

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August 15, 2016 -- From Memphis, with Rock, Heart, and Soul. Let's face it -- rock bands come and go. A select few "make it" while most hopefuls drown helplessly in a big, tempestuous, and somewhat murky sea called the music industry.

It's not easy. Second to creativity and talent you've got to juggle a mixed bag of outlets and tools for "making it," i.e. radio, internet, social media, etc. Thus, wearing many hats while honing your craft... to sound contagious -- appeal to the masses -- yet, utterly unique! Be mainstream, yet, different! Some bands lose the native soul of their sound during the process. But not this one.

Band: One Less Reason
Album: "The Memories Uninvited"
Released On: August 19, 2016
Label: Tatooed Millionaire Records


The band One Less Reason, born and bred in Memphis, is releasing a new album titled, The Memories Uninvited. The album was produced by the band's front man, Cris Brown, and mixed by the respected Randy Straub. This marks the band's sixth album, all of which have been self released. The band was signed with Universal Records back in 2003 but such arrangement was short lived, making it on their own ever since.

Overall the album delivers dynamic sound laced with deep, trenchant lyrical prose. The tracks offer a nice, versatile flow of sound as well. At the onset, "Break Me," ignites full-force with hard-hitting riffs and vocals. The tracks "Sometimes" and "One Day" offer a solid, ballad-like marrow of sound. "The Lie" is a personal favorite, finding myself hitting the replay a few times there.

Throughout the album Brown demonstrates his vocal range ability, spanning from explosive, in-your-face to the low, pensive, deep cutting. "I basically record my therapy sessions ...I can't write when I'm super happy... there's always a message -- based around those four letter words -- love, hate, pain, hope." (Cris Brown).

If looking for a hard rock album that delivers deep rooted soul and bonafide art of sound -- this one's for you.

Need406 gives "The Memories Uninvited" by One Less Reason a Four and a half star (out of Five stars) rating.

01. Break Me
02. Something
03. Sometimes
04. Where Were You?
05. Time
06. The Trade
07. One Day
08. On the Way Down
09. The Lie
10. You Didn't Know
11. Rainmaker

"The Memories Uninvited" will drop on August 19, 2016 via Tatooed Millionaire Records. You can pre-order the album at and at

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