Neon Trees "Pop Psychology" Album Review

April 21, 2014 --- From Utah with juicy, smart pop beats to the dramatic gush of that called love, the new album titled Pop Psychology by Neon Trees dishes out refined neo pop love struck therapy while mastering an energetic new wave sound.

Neon Trees Pop Psychology Album Cover

This hip quartet is no stranger to pumping out addictive melodies about modern day romance; case in point: 2010's "Animal." It's hard, nearly impossible to deny the rhythmic finger tapping, head bobbing contagion of this hit single.  

Neon Trees

Thereafter, circa 2012, the bondonis of sound boldly reminded us how "Everybody Talks." So perhaps  Pop Psychology is a much needed therapy session for the masses... love struck listeners a solid dose of hip danceable tracks fused with a romantic, modern day psyche-tapping sound that we all so desperately need.

Watch the official "Voices In The Hall" video Below:

Front man and Mormon bred turned out-of-the-closet Tyler Glenn knows the sweet spot and, in unison with the band, he delivers brilliantly. Like a magic drug, it's hard to deny your ears and body shakin' tendencies from fun, shiny, and lively tracks like "Love in the 21st Century."

The vibe is explored to a new level on this album. Through Pop Psychology the band takes you to new wave bliss and back while  also "keeping it real" through artistic, deep, and drug like sounds like the sensual track,  "Voices in the Hall." Glenn delivers passionate vocals and the band, overall, serves up sound that's quite polished. Pop Psychology gets two thumbs up for it's electro metrical new wave sound. Bravo to the Neon Trees for modern day melody making while tapping in to our passion-pop psyche, to boot.

Pop Psychology's release date is April 22, 2014 through Island Def Jam and soon thereafter, on May 12, 2014 the band kicks off their tour in New York. They will be appearing at Earthfest on May 19, 2014 at the Hatch Shell in Boston, MA.

Need406 gives "Pop Psychology" 4 stars out of 5 stars rating.

Neon Trees are:
Tyler Glenn (lead vocals, keys)
Chris Allen (guitars)
Branden Campbell (bass)
Elaine Bradley (drums, vocals)

Pop Psychology Album Track List:
01. Love In The 21st Century
02. Text Me In The Morning
03. Sleeping With A Friend
04. Teenager In Love;
05. I Love You But I Hate Your Friends
06. Unavoidable
07. Voices In The Halls
08. Foolish Behavior
09. Living In Another World
10. First Things First

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