Cirque Du Soleil - Quidam Show Review

                                   Cirque Du Soleil Quidam Acrobats

May 15, 2013 --- Orlando, Fla - The UCF Arena played host to the latest traveling Cirque Du Soleil show Quidam. A story of imagination and escaping reality. The title Quidam, comes from "a nameless passerby, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person, rushing past. One who cries out, sings and dreams within us all." This is portrayed by one of the character, with an umbrella, no head, and wearing a hat. At first, this came across as a little confusing but as the show went on it became more clear what Quidam the character represented as well.

For my guest and I one of our favorite parts about a Cirque show is the audience interaction with the clowns prior to show time. The clowns are usually funny, dragging guests on state, but the solo figure dressed in all white who was the "entertainment" was almost boring and mime like. However, the clown later on would more than make up for his counterparts lackluster performance.

Stringy patio lights adorned the stage while metal chairs attached to chains, a floating door and a birdcage with a mysterious red object sat in the middle. The intimate setting the tone for Zoey, a young girl, and the lead character of Quidam , to takes us on her journey of imagination.


There were several acts similar to other Cirque Du Soleil shows such as the Cyr Wheel and Diabolo which is a version of a Chinese Yo-Yo. I must commend the performer because unlike La Nouba where it is a three girl act, the lone guy was tossing the diabolo through his legs and jumping rope with it. He missed his final trick twice, but instead of giving up he persisted and land it on his third try. It's true third time must be a charm.

A female acrobat then took the sky wrapped in red silk and dangled from the top of the arena. Contorting her body she combined grace and elegance, with a hint of danger.

Another of my favorite acts was the jump rope act. Sure it seems simple, but this wasn't your average playground session. A group of 20 jump ropers got in on the action creating a domino effect, tandem jump roping, even playing their version of monkey in the middle. It culminated in some of the fastest jump roping I have ever seen and one of the performers doing pushups in between each revolution. Impressive and a great end to the first half of the show.

Hand To Hand

The performance of the second half had to be the act entitled "statue". Two of the most physically fit individuals showcased their strength locked together. Forming a horizontal line based on pure strength and doing it with ease as well as other lifts and contortions was simply amazing. A version of Clown Cinema broke up the acts and prepared the audience for the finale. During this segment, the main clown really shines. He took three guys and a girl from the audience and the group acted out a mini movie. Funny was an understatement. I think the whole audience was laughing hysterically.


Last, but not least the grand finale entitled, Banquine. Banquine is Italian acrobatics. Basket tosses, arabesques, a human trampoline, were all part of the act. Take it to the next level and add a new dimension of height and tricks, capped off by a stunt that had the audience holding their breath, and it really brought the show to an end on a high note.

Although the set wasn't as complex as other Cirque Du Soleil shows it was designed in simplistic fashion to show the hustle and bustle one would encounter while traveling. The live band and singers always do a fantastic job and I sometimes catch myself soaking in the music as much as I am the highlights of the show. The way they can build up the dramatic moments and excitement is incredible and really adds to the show.

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