Black Tide "Chasing Shadows" Album Review

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October 22, 2015 — Black Tide's "Chasing Shadows": Old School Metal Grit Laced With Fresh Young Power Sound.

Band: Black Tide
Album: "Chasing Shadows"
Released On: October 16, 2015
Label: Pavement Entertainment


Hailing from Miami, FL. Black Tide was discovered by the label world at a fairly young age, receiving recognition early on. And for good reason. The band demonstrates incredible musical talent and skill, fusing dynamic riffs and complex sounds with contagious melody. Hence, how exactly does a metal maverick collective continue in topping themselves with each new release? The answer lies somewhere in the balance of classic fundamentals, powerful technical skill, and versatility. The pendulum does swing... ...and in this case, via the album Chasing Shadows, such is the sound many long to hear.

The lyrical theme of most tracks dance across the typical dark, metal spectrum. "No Guidelines" leans on the aggressive side yet the band shows some diversity here with a slightly lighter sound via tracks such as "Burn." “Before We Form” delivers in-your-face riffs with a raw, rough grain sound - a rock sound that hooks the listener - giving metal fans a solid dose of what they want to hear. "Heaven" is a ballad that also deserves praise despite the overall harder sound and appeal of the band, one still can't help but play the track. 

Chasing Shadows is strong and chock full of terrific technical skill, especially considering this is a fairly young band. With a true to metal sound, having both an old school and fresh appeal, the album also delivers impressive range, having catchy yet true to metal tracks. This album not only delivers but also tells us what this band is capable of and where they're going to take us... ...on many more audio journeys to come. 

Need406 Give "Chasing Shadows" Four Stars out of Five Stars.

01. Intro - 1:13
02. Guidelines - 4:14
03. Angel in the Dark 3:54
04. Predator (Animal) - 4:07
05. Burn - 3:40
06. Chasing Shadows - 3:27
07. Before We Form - 4:23
08. Sex Is Angry - 4:36
09. Welcome to Misery - 3:27
10. Heaven - 3:35
11. Promised Land - 3:06

Gabriel Garcia - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Austin Diaz - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Cody Paige - Drummer

Black Tide Discography:
Light from Above (2008)
Road Warrior (2008) 7-inch record
Post Mortem (2011)
Just Another Drug (2012) EP
Bite the Bullet (2013) EP
Chasing Shadows (2015)

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