Aeon Zen "Enigma" Album Review

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It is not too often that you come across a symphonic metal band and it is even rarer to come across one that is good at what they do; Aeon Zen is both. These progressive rockers from the UK have only been around since the middle of 2008, but they know what they’re doing when it comes to making metal with not only guitar strings, but with orchestral strings as well. Rich Hinks (guitar, bass, vocals), Andi Kravljaca (vocals), Matt Shepard (guitar), Shaz (keyboards), and Steve Burton (drums), compose this hard-hitting UK group that come together to create Enigma, a masterpiece two years in the making.

Band: Aeon Zen
Album: Enigma
Release Date: January 22, 2013
Record Label: Nightmare Records


“Artificial Soul” definitely does not lack in the guttural, metal scream department. If you’re looking for something softer, songs such as “Seven Hills” and the piano ballad gone metal “Eternal Snow” where it starts as a Christmas carol sounding song that turns naughty when Satan comes along with his screaming guitars and double-bass pedal drums. However, there are still songs that hit the ground running and never stop like “Divinity.” Enigma even features an opening track, “Enter the Enigma,” that is purely instrumental.

Aeon Zen combines not only orchestral instruments, but also has an ‘80’s feel from the likes of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi combined with heavier influences from Metallica and Dream Theater with hints of Dave Mustaine from Megadeth all jumbled into one well-oiled metal machine. The ability to combine large segments of instrumentals throughout their songs with chugging guitars and pounding drums as well as metal screams with layered vocals is truly an epic feat and it just shows how the boys in Aeon Zen can rock out and head bang with the best of us, while still showing their softer, melodic side.

It is very clear that this album was very carefully thought through by Aeon Zen as it flows very smoothly from one track to the next and the songs seem to tell a story throughout the record. The final track, “Downfall,” even ends with a keyboard solo that seems to fade into the abyss as Enigma comes to a close, but these boys don’t plan on fading away and will definitely be back for more. After all, “this world is nothing but a canvas for our aspirations” and Aeon Zen still has a lot to accomplish.

Need406 Give "Enigma" Four Stars out of Five Stars.

01. Enter The Enigma
02. Artificial Soul
03. Divinity
04. Seven Hills
05. Warning
06. Turned To Ash
07. Still Human
08. Eternal Snow
09. Downfall
10. Survival (Bonus Track)
11. Time Divine 2.0 (Bonus Track)

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Enigma (2013)
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