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Friday December 9, 2016:
Himawari: The Sunflower (PC)
Natural - Beyond Nature (PC)
Pawn (PC)
Sky Force Anniversay (Xone)
Tennis In The Face (Xone)

Monday December 12, 2016:
Gods and Idols (PC)
Operation: New Earth (PC)
Quantum Chess (PC)
Twisted (PC)

Tuesday December 13, 2016:
Space Hulk: Deathwing (PC)
Space Jammers (PC)
Super Dungeon Tactics (PC)
The Little Acre (PC/PS4/Xone)
Wild Guns Reloaded (PS4)

Wednesday December 14, 2016:
Nother (PC)
Stardew Valley (Xone)

Friday December 16, 2016:
8-Bit Invaders! (PC)
Bridge Constructor Stunt
Elena (PC)
Lockdown: Stand Alone (PC)
Red Haze (PC)
Snowball! (PC)

Tuesday December 20, 2016:
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (PS4-Vita/WiiU)
Sos Survival (PC)
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier (PC)

Thursday December 22, 2016:
Grab The Bottle (PC)
Heroine Anthem Zero (PC)

Friday December 23, 2016:
The Journey: Bob's Story (PC)

Friday December 30, 2016:
Cube Master (PC)
Happy Maze (PC)
Manastorm: Champions of G'nar (PC)

Thursday January 5, 2017:
Cup Critters (3DS/Wii U)
Milkmaid of The Milk Way (PC)

Friday January 6, 2017:
Burgers 2 (PC)
Don't Chat With Strangers (PC)
HoPiKo (PC)

Tuesday January 10, 2017:
Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (PS4)
Night In The Woods (PC)
Runbow Pocket (3DS/PC/Wii U)

Friday January 20, 2017:
Dragn Quest VII: Journey of The Cursed King (3DS/iPhone-Pad/PS2)
Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)
Hollow Bliss (PC)
Urband Empire (PC)

Tuesday January 24, 2017:
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PC/PS4/Xone)
Tales of Berseria (PC/PS4)
Yakuza 0 (PS4)

Tuesday January 31, 2017:
Conan Exiles (PC)
Digimon World: Next Order (PS4)
Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (PS Vita)
Sentinels (PC)

Tuesday February 3, 2017:
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Road to Boruto (PS4/Xone)
Poochy & Yoshi's Wooly World (3DS/Wii U)

Tuesday February 28, 2017:
Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition (PS4)

Tuesday April 4, 2017:
Persona 5 (PS3-4)
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 (PC/PS4/Wii U/Xone)

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