Interview With Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist


February 19, 2015 --- We had the chance to chat with Vicky Psarakis the lead singer of The Agonist about a number of topics. Below is what she had to say to us.

Need406: With this being your first studio album as The Agonist's new lead singer did you feel any pressure going into the studio to make “Eye of Providence" into a great album?

Vicky: Not really. I realized early on how much chemistry we have as a team and felt pretty confident entering the studio. Plus working with Christian Donaldson made things a lot easier. The environment was very friendly and we had a lot of fun creating this album.

Need406: How did the band decide on the album title Eye of Providence?

Vicky: “Eye of Providence” is a lyric from the song “My Witness, Your Victim”. We’d originally thought of using that title for the song, but decided it would suit as an album title even more. The main concept in a lot of the songs on the album revolves around technology and how it affects modern society. The Eye of Providence, otherwise known as the “all-seeing eye” is a representation of our lack of privacy and how we are all fully exposed.

Need406: How many songs did the band have written going into the studio and how did they decide which songs would make it onto the album and which one(s) would not?

Vicky: Originally we’d said that 11-12 songs would be ideal for a full album. We entered the studio having 13 songs on our plate and depending on the end result we would decide. In the end, it was impossible for us to leave something out so that’s why “Eye of Providence” has 13 tracks.

Need406: Which song or songs did you find the easiest to record and why?

Vicky: The easiest and fastest track to record was “A Gentle Disease”. There are a lot of backing vocals which took some time but the fact that it’s a short acoustic track with just soft singing set it straight into my comfort zone. A lot of the vocals on that song are actually one-take.

Need406: How long did it take to record Eye of Providence?

Vicky: It took us approximately a month and a half to track, mix and master the entire album.

Need406: Where did the band record Eye of Providence and how did you decide on the location?

Vicky: It was recorded at The Grid, with producer and longtime friend of the band, Christian Donaldson. It was my first time working with Chris, but the band had done all its previous albums with him and seeing how much his talent had evolved throughout the years it was only logical to collaborate with him again.

Need406: Which song off Eye of Providence do you think best reflects how you’re feeling today and why?

Vicky: Today specifically, I’m sick in bed and I don’t think we have a song on that subject, haha. Seriously though, most of the lyrics on the album talk about issues that involve society and target the general population. Then, there are others which are more personal but philosophical in their content. There’s really not a song that I could answer your question with.

Need406: Which song off Eye of Providence was your favorite to make into a music video and which one was the most difficult to make into a music video and why?

Vicky: Can’t really say I have a favorite. On “Gates of Horn and Ivory”, we were all dressed in ridiculous over-the-top outfits and we all had fun laughing at each other, and on “My Witness, Your Victim”, I got to wear a cloak and a mask and pretend that I’m torturing someone. Maybe “Gates of Horn and Ivory” was a bit more difficult to “pull off” since we all had to play a role and pretend we’re someone we’re not.

Need406: What do you think the future holds in store for The Agonist?

Vicky: No one can predict the future but as long as we’re creating music, touring and having fun that’s all I need to be happy!

Need406: How hard is it to be the only female in a band with four males?

Vicky: It’s not hard at all. We’re all friends, we enjoy each other’s company and I think that’s the most important thing for a band to function properly. It’s not always fun and games though and there are days when someone isn’t feeling good for their own personal reasons. We respect and support each other, no matter what.

Need406: Do you find that The Agonist concerts here in the states are different from your shows in Canada or elsewhere on planet Earth?

Vicky: I haven’t had a US tour with The Agonist yet so I can’t really say. Guess I’ll find out in April!

Need406: What are the band's tour plans for the summer of 2015?

Vicky: Once the album’s released, we’re looking to tour as much as possible. Summer usually equals festivals so we’re hoping to play some this year.

Need406: If you had to choose between being a vampire or a zombie which would you choose and why?

Vicky: Do I really have to? Haha, I guess a vampire because you’re still somewhat aware of your actions.

The Agonist Is:
Danny Marino - Guitar
Chris Kells - Bass
Simon McKay - Drums
Vicky Psarakis - Vocals

The Agonist's new album Eye of Providence drops in the United States on February 24, 2015 and on February 23, 2015 in Europe. You can purchase it by logging onto iTunes or at Century Media's webstore.

The Agonist Band Discography:
Once Only Imagined - 2007
Lullabies For The Dormant Mind - 2009
The Escape (EP) - 2011
Prisoners - 2012
Disconnect Me (EP) - 2014
Eye of Providence - 2015