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August 9, 2013 --- We had the chance to chat with Eddie Tyre from the band Surrender The Fall about a number of topics. Below is what he had to say to us about these topics.

Need406: What is new and great in the world of Surrender The Fall?

Eddie: We're really excited to be back on the road doing what we do best - Playing shows across the country and seeing some familiar (and new) faces! We've also just recently released our third single off of Burn in the Spotlight. The new single is (called) Pitiful. 

Need406: Surrender The Fall is currently on tour with Nonpoint what has that tour been like so far? 

Eddie: This is actually our third tour with our brothers in Nonpoint so it really is a family reunion. It's so good to be back on the road with those guys. We share everything from gear to beer as well as team members to help the production of the show. It gets hard being away from our homes and families so it's makes it easier when you're out with a band that makes it feel like home. Aside from that, it's an honor to do this with those guys every night considering that we've all been fans of and listening to NONPOINT for years.

Need406: What can you tell us about Burn in the Spotlight that you have not yet told anyone else?

Eddie: We were like kids in a candy store while working on that album at Sonic Ranch. Tony (the owner) has so much gear there with so much history. It's insane! I personally used GE Smith's (from SNL fame) Les Paul along with a Jimmy Page Les Paul. There was a SRV strat. An SG that Billy Gibbons used to play. Devil Driver was also in one of the studios there working on their album "Beast". So there were many ...many drinks flowing while we were there. Between the historical gear used, the drinks, the haunted house we stayed in and the thought of Juarez, Mexico in our backyard; it made for one hell of a writing experience!

Need406: How did Surrender The Fall decide upon the title Burn in The Spotlight?

Eddie: When you've spent a lifetime trying to achieve something and you have so many people that believe in and support you or they don't and they ridicule you... no matter what it is that you're trying to achieve, once you get to that point you have two options: you can either think "OK, that was cool now I'm outta here because I don't know What's next". You go back home and burn in your own spotlight always wondering "what if" or you can take it all in and think "I'm finally on the right track. None of the sacrifices were in vain." You can stand there and soak it all in and show your support and appreciation for all of those who believed in you as well as to those who are standing with and next to you. So you stand there and you 'Burn in the Spotlight' and you enjoy it and look ahead wondering "what's next" ..instead of "what if".  

Need406: What song or songs off Burn in The Spotlight are you most proud of and why?

Eddie: Man, That's really a hard one to answer! I can say that  "Nothing" is one of my favorite ones to play live. It's definitely one that the crowd loves to hear live. It's a pretty simple song but it's got that groove that makes you want to leave it all on stage. "Into the headlights" is one that I am really happy with structurally and lyrically. There are lots of cool guitar parts in that one. Overall, I'm happy with the record as a whole. We were afraid to be pigeon-holed into a certain genre (in the very beginning of the band) so we decided to start re-writing and not worry about fitting into "some crowd". If it's a good song then it's a good song. I think the album is a roller coaster of feelings, styles, genres etc.. Hopefully there is something in there for everybody. If not, then check out the next record. 

Need406: Can we get your take on what the song 'Deeper Inside' is about? 

Eddie: It's just a dirty rock-n-roll party song. It's pretty much exactly what you think it is about.

Need406: If you were to pick a song off Burn in the Spotlight to listen to first thing in the morning which song would
it be and why?

Eddie: "Nothing". It's a song about getting off of your ass and getting what you want; getting sh*t done. No one gets out alive. Everyone has an expiration date and time is always against you. So you've got to step up and swing with all you've got before you miss the opportunity.

Need406: In what ways has Burn in The Spotlight fed your hunger to succeed?

Eddie: Finding our that there really are people out there that believe in you and care about you. When someone that you've never met comes up to you and opens up by telling you that you've helped change their lives and  You've helped them find something in themselves that they never knew existed. Man, that hits you right square in the heart. Someone literally told me that they were doing 60 MPH towards a brick wall. One of our songs came on and they immediately thought about the good times we've all had and how selfish they were being so they hit the brakes and finished listening to the song on the way home. That story always gets me.

Need406: What tid bits of knowledge did Surrender The Fall learn from making Burn In The Spotlight that will aid in recording future Surrender The Fall albums? 

Eddie: Patience! Go in with lots and lots of ideas and alternate parts to songs. Be a sponge when working with new people and producers. Soak in all of the knowledge thrown at you and use what you want and can to the best of your abilities. Wherever you see fit. Some people just don't realize or get it that producers are producers for a reason. By no means am I saying to let them re-write your songs and change your band... (that's just bullsh*t!) Be willing to bend a little but also be willing to stand firm when needed! As Bruce Lee said "Be water, My friend!"

Need406: Do you feel bands should release albums every year?

Eddie: No Way... Not unless its a pre-determined concept album kind of thing (like a Quentin Tarantino trilogy) or something. Otherwise you'll get a bunch of songs that probably sound exactly alike. I kind of like it when bands change it up a little bit but you still know who it is. Examples? I loved Metallica's Load and Reload records (which i know, it almost sounds contradicting because Load was in 96 and re-load was in 97. BUT, those are kind of concept albums to me). Foo Fighters.. You know who they are but every record sounds different from the next.

Need406:  Is there a television you would love to see feature a Surrender The Fall song?

Eddie: Ab-so-rootry! True Blood Ab-so-rootry! True Blood should pick up one of our songs...Why? Jessica... The red head, need I say more? And AMERICAN HORROR STORY! why? because they are filming season 3 in my home city of New Orleans RIGHT NOW! I can't wait for the new season. They really need to pick up a Dax Riggs song for this season as well! and wait, What about Miami Ink? Ami has a studio in Miami called Love Hate Tattoo Studio. Shouldn't it be a given to have Love Hate Masquerade in there?

Need406: If Surrender The Fall were to play a show on Halloween would you dress as a vampire or a zombie and why? 

Eddie: I think its been 5 or 6 out of 8 years (of STF's existence) that we've played the greatest haunted house in the world. The House of Shock. I worked there for a few years before hurricane Katrina. Hopefully we can get in there this year since we had to miss last year. I think I'd have to go with zombie. I'd get Brandy Moran to throw some zombie-sque makeup on me.. Get me a bottle of Jack and the rest will work it's self out!

Need406: Was there a particular moment in your life when you knew being a musician is what you wanted to do?

Eddie: I was at the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and there was a band playing. Just a local, typical cover band, have no idea who they were. But I was just starting to get in to metal and after I spent about $25 at the darts/balloon both trying to win as many "metal" posters as possible to wall paper my room this band started playing so I decided to check them out. Like I said, I don't remember anything specific about them other than the sun had gone down and the lights came on. Everyone started going apesh*t There was a drum solo. It was killer and to a 13 year old, 100 people cheering looked and felt like 10,000. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do! 

Surrender The Fall Is:
Anthony Pitts - Guitar
Devin Hightower - Bass
Eddie Tyre - Guitar
Jared Cole - Vocals
Rick Anderson - Drums

Surrender The Fall's latest album Burn in The Spotlight is now available at all the usual outlets.

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