Interview With Tim King of Soil


March 3, 2015 --- We had the chance to chat with bass player Tim King of Soil about a number of topics. Below is what he had to say to us.

Need406: What can you tell us about Whole that you have not yet told anyone on planet Earth?

Tim: Will Hunt recorded the drum tracks in 2 days which is record for us.  Our previous drummer would take 2-3 weeks if we were lucky. I ate mexican food every day the entire time we were in California recording except for about 4 days. We flew to Las Vegas while mixing the album to give Adam a surprise bachelor party.  Came back still completely wrecked and started rehearing for our whiskey a go go show.

Need406: How did the band decide what the track list order would be for Whole?

Tim: I personally stayed out of it and let Ryan and Adam decide.  I've never been a huge stickler on track order.

Need406: How did Soil decide how long the songs on Whole would be?

Tim: We are a band built on radio so we write radio length songs that are 3 to 3 1/2 minutes long.  That is about half the songs.  The others that are just for the deep cuts and album only songs we will let flow more naturally and see what path they take us on.  We have always been famous for the crazy album closer songs.  "black 7", "Obsession" "One Last Song" "last wish" and the most recent " One love"…. We love the off the wall more "epic" closer.

Need406: What is your favorite song off Whole to perform live and why?

Tim: My favorite song is WAY GONE. It has some great hooks and is just a great song to play.

Need406: Soil is scheduled to embark on an international tour later this year can you tell us anything about this tour?

Tim: We are supporting Coal Chamber throughout the UK and a few select dates in Europe.  We end at the Vienna Rocks Festival with over 60,000 people and Metallica Headlining.  I'm also filling in on bass for the band DOPE who is going there with us.  I've helped them out before so I know the material.  It will be fun to jam with them again.

Need406: When soil performs shows outside of North America does the band use a B rig or do they store their gear overseas?

Tim: We have an entire stage set up and gear overseas in storage.

Need406: The Northeast has been hit pretty hard with snow this winter how does a band like Soil deal with the treacherous weather that winter can bring?

Tim: I ran off to mexico to escape the cold!

Need406: Does Soil have any plans to head into the studio later in 2015?

Tim: No not at the moment.  Maybe we will dabble with some new material at some point.

Need406: There has been a lot of controversy concerning online sites that stream music for fans to listen to. What are your thoughts on this  subject?

Tim: It's technology.  Just like I had cassette tapes and cds when I was a kid, kids today have a iPod or iPhone and can have an entire library of music in one device.  No more lugging around cds or cassettes. And with streaming there is little to no memory used.  And you don't need to download anything or purchase any music.  I get the appeal. It's not worth fighting.  But what is is doing is destroying music as we know it.  The quality of music we once knew. And that is disappointing.  Armageddon has come and the survivors will need to know how to live amongst this new era.  SO we will se how it all plays out.  There will always be music.  It will just be done differently and delivered differently.

Need406: What do you think the future holds in store for Soil? 

Tim: We come from the old school way.  Our label J Records spent Millions of dollars to make us what we are.  They gave us every tool imaginable for success and we gave them songs like HALO, UNREAL, REDEFINE that were hits. We later had more recent success with THE LESSER MAN and SHINE ON and THE HATE SONG.  Those all helped keep us "in the game" but it was the label J Records that really put us on the map and allowed us to stay there with all they did.  So SOiL has already established itself.  We aren't effected like any new band that has recently become popular.  I feel sorry for bands like Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Young Guns. Amazing bands with huge fan bases, but they won't get the luxuries or the full "experience" like we did.  Record sales are down and that means less income for labels  which means less promotion. It's just not there for the taking any longer.  And doing it yourself like so many think they can is a disaster as well.  90% of the time everything is unorganized, poorly done, and fails. You still need a team of knowledgable people around you and working all the avenues that need to be worked. Bands that have a good work ethos and can do a lot by them selves should team up with labels and really joins forces to make something happen.  Right now that is the best way to do it.  Have control, but also have a label with a team to organize and work the band and album properly.

Soil's most recent studio album, "Whole" was released on August 20, 2013 and is available online at iTunes and at all the usual outlets that sell music.

Soil Is:
Adam Zadel - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan McCombs - Vocals
Tim King - Bass/Vocals

Soil Discography:
Throttle Junkies (1999)
Scars (2001)
Redefine (2004)
True Self (2006)
Picture Perfect (2009)
Whole (2013)