Interview With Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch


June 19, 2015 — We recently chatted with Alexis Brown the lead singer from the band Straight Line Stitch. Below is what Alexis had to say to us:

Need406: Straight Line Stitch is releasing a new EP "Transparency" on June 30, 2015. What can you tell us about it that you have not told anyone else yet?

Alexis: There isn't anything that we have kept secret. I think we've been trying to promote and talk about the new EP as much as possible.

Need406: Is there a reason the band decided upon an EP instead of doing a full length album?

Alexis: As a band we decided that it would be best to test the waters first instead of throwing a full length album at people right off the bat. It's been so long since we've released new music we felt it would be better to gradually ease people into new music.

Need406: How Did the band decide on the release date of June 30, 2015?

Alexis: We decided on this date along with Pavement Entertainment, our label, because that gave us enough time to get everything in order. We needed to finish a song, work out artwork, put a promotional campaign together, etc.

Need406: When Straight Line Stitch went into the studio to record "Transparency" how many songs did the band have already ready to record?

Alexis: I believe we started officially with three songs to market as a demo. We had those three for a while, and went later to record the other two at different times.

Need406: Where did the band record "Transparency" and why did the band pick that location?

Alexis: For the first couple of tracks we recorded with Ben Schigel of Spider Studios who also recorded our previous record "The Fight of Our Lives." For the last tracks we went to Matt Amelung of Encapsulated Studios who also mixed and mastered the EP as well.

Need406: How did the band come up with the title "Transparency"?

Alexis: I think we experienced some type of epiphany during the writing of the record. At the time we were going through so much as a band we couldn't see straight but when we decided to push everything that wasn't music aside it was like we started seeing things clearer than we had in years and thus came the name Transparency. I guess you could say we started to see past all the BS and got back to the basics of making music.

Need406: Were there any songs that proved more difficult to record than and if so why?

Alexis: They were all difficult in their own way because we were going through so much turmoil.

Need406: Has Straight Line Stitch ever considered throwing in the towel as a band and if so why?

Alexis: Yes and no. Obviously when you feel you hit rock bottom, and you get that feeling every now and then, you consider other paths. But it's hard to walk away from something that you've put so much of your life into and something you love doing.

Need406: For you personally what does it mean to be in a band such as Straight Line Stitch?

Alexis: This is my life. In life, you have to constantly evaluate if you're making the right decisions. You have to assure yourself that you're doing the right thing or not. Being a touring musician means lots of sacrifices away from home and family.

Need406: In what ways do you feel Straight Line Stitch has changed as a band from the band it was say back in 2012?

Alexis: I think we've grown and musicians, entertainers, and writers. We feel we have a better grasp on who we are and what we are doing.

Need406: What is your favorite Straight Line Stitch song to perform live and why?

Alexis: I love playing "Laughing in the Rearview" because it’s a hype type of song.

Need406: If Straight Line Stitch was going to play a show on Halloween would you dress up as a vampire or zombie?

Alexis: I would probably be a vampire because I absolutely love vampire flicks like Bram Stoker's Dracula and Christopher Lee's Dracula.

Need406: We read a comment on the band's facebook page about not playing a show in Massachusetts on this tour. What do you say to a fan When they leave a comment like that?

Alexis: I hope they understand we can't be everywhere. When we put together tours, we plan our routing very meticulously. Distances in between shows and which markets to hit on certain days are something to always consider. Unfortunately, that usually leaves someone out. But we try to stay on the road, so hopefully we can get to everyone.

Need406: What are Straight Line Stitch's tour plans for the remainder of 2015?

Alexis: We plan on trying to get back overseas (UK/Europe).

Straight Line Stitch is: Alexis Brown (Vocals), Darren McClelland (Bass) and Jason White (Guitar). Their upcoming EP Transparency drops on June 30, 2015 via Pavement Entertainment.

Straight Line Stitch Discography:
Transparency EP (2015)
Straight Line Stitch EP (2014)
The Fight Of Our Lives (2011)
When Skies Wash Ashore (2008)
The World Made Flesh EP (2007)
To Be Godlike (2006)
Everything Is Nothing By Itself (2004)