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July 26, 2013 --- We had the chance to chat with Nick Coyle from the band Stardog Champion about a number of topics. Below is what he had to say to us about these topics.

Need406: For fans who might not yet be familiar with Stardog Champion can you please tell us a little about your band?

Nick: Well... Aaron, Mark and I used to be in a band called Lifer on Universal Records in 2000-01. Then they went on to join Breaking Benjamin. I formed a band called the Drama Club which I did until 2011. In 2012 the three of us decided to get together and write some new songs and see if there was still a creative spark there.... Which there was. Shorty after we added drummer Josh Karis and Stardog Campion was born.

Need406: Now that you've told us a little about Stardog Champion can you tell us how the band decided upon its name?

Nick: We tossed around a bunch of different names. I don't know if you've ever tried to name a band before but these days it seems like EVERYONE has a band. Everything's taken.. Ha ha. So we dug through CDs, movies, books and one that stood out to us was Stardog Champion, the name of mother love bone song. We're big fans of the early 90's alt rock stuff so not only was it not taken its also sort of a nod the that whole scene.

Need406: The band recently released the EP "Exhale" how long did it take the band to record it?

Nick: It took us about two weeks to record.

Need406: What else can you tell us about "Exhale" that you have not yet told anyone else?

Nick: We we're originally going to have Adam Kasper (Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam) produce it but due to scheduling conflicts it never worked out. Neal Avron liked the band as well and we ended up going with him instead.

Need406: Can you get your take on what "When We Fall" is about?

Nick: It's basically about communication breakdown. Whether its as a society with people choosing to interact via text and email vs. face to face or with our personal relationships.

Need406: What's your take on the song "House of Cards"?

Nick: Aaron actually wrote the lyrics to that one but to me it's about overcoming the negative energies in the world.

Need406: Where does Stardog Champion draw inspiration for your songs?

Nick: I think inspiration can come from anywhere... Life experiences either personal or others around you, TV, books, etc...

Need406: Does the band have plans to release a full length studio album?

Nick: There is nothing set in stone yet but we have a ton of songs and we definitely plan on getting into the studio again soon.

Need406: What are Stardog Champion's tour plans for the remainder of 2013?

Nick: We're doing a 25 date headlining run in September and then we have some stuff in the works for October/November.

Need406: What band or bands would you like to see Stardog Champion tour with?

Nick: We'll play with anyone (laughs).

Need406: If Stardog Champion were to play a show on Halloween would you dress up as a zombie or a vampire and why?

Nick: I guess a vampire. They're more mysterious.

Need406: What TV show would you love to see feature a song by Stardog Champion?

Nick: We've joked about "House of Cards" being the theme to the Netflix series House of Cards. Great show by the way.

Need406: If you were to write a song about where you are at this point in your life what might you call this song?

Nick: Here we go again... Not the whitesnake song. (Laughs).

Need406: As a musician do you prefer to listen to music in vinyl, CD or digital format and why?

Nick: I prefer digital now mainly because the ease of having it all at your fingertips. I mostly listen to music on Spotify anymore. Except for the few things they don't have on there yet. It's just easier. Huge music library in my pocket at all times.

Need406: What do you say to fans when they ask you why did Breaking Benjamin break up?

Nick: Well, I'm not gonna speak for Aaron and Mark, but to generalize it... Bands are like a 4 or 5 way marriage. There are good times and bad. Then you throw money, egos, and whatever else in the mix and it gets tough. Ten years of that. Not everything is meant to last forever.

Need406: What do you think the future holds for Stardog Champion?

Nick: We're planning on getting out on the road and rocking. That's Whats in the immediate future. Then record some more tunes. Then go tour some more.

Stardog Champion:
Nick Coyle - Vocals/Guitar
Aaron Fink - Guitar/Vocals
Mark James - Bass
Josh Karis - Drums

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