Interview With Cristina Feliciano of Oblivious Signal


June 3, 2015 — We recently chatted with Cristina T. Feliciano the lead singer from the band Oblivious Signal. Below is what Cristina had to say to us:

Need406: For anyone who is not yet familiar with Oblivious Signal could you please tell us a little about the band? 

Cristina: Nick's father worked at the same location as Jason and he had mentioned that his son played guitar. So Jason and Nick started jamming 11 years ago. Originally there was a male vocalist/screamer in the band, and the music was a lot heavier. After parting ways with that singer, I answered an ad from MySpace eight years ago for Oblivious Signal. We started jamming and things just clicked. Four years after me joining Greg Andrews joined the mix as our permanent bass player, and we have been going strong since. 

Need406: Oblivious Signal's new album, "Exordium" was released on June 2, 2015. Is there a reason the band picked this date for the  album's release date?

Cristina: This date was perfect as we would be going on the road on tour with FLAW and Seasons After. We figured the promotion for it and exposure would be at it's maximum potential if released on this date. 

Need406: How many songs did Oblivious Signal have written when it came time to record "Exordium"?

Cristina: We had about eighteen songs, not all of them made the cut. We only wanted to put our heavy hitters on the album. We always write extra songs to make sure everyone is comfortable with the final product. I actually ended up re-writing two songs a couple weeks before turning them in because I loved the composition but I knew I could do a better job lyrically and melodically. 

Need406: How did the band decide which songs would make it and not make it onto the album?

Cristina: We all just sat together in our home studio and listened to what he had... And what we didn't think was as powerful to match the feel of this album we cut. We also wanted to provide some diversity in terms of what kind of music we put out. So we included some slower songs in there as well like the ballad Archetype. 

Need406: How did the band decide the exact song placement on Exordium?

Cristina: As a band we placed the songs based on tempo and catchiness in certain places. As a listener I know I might want to change it up a bit and not have three slow songs back to back. So we just went in and made sure that the CD song placement would keep people jamming. 

Need406: Can you give us the 411 on the song "Crash"?

Cristina: Crash is probably one of the most personal songs on the album. The song is about a friend of mine that passed away because they were driving under the influence. I wrote the song as more of a musical therapy and it has since become a hit with a lot of our fans. Crash is the only song as well where I went into a studio to record vocals. I felt I needed someone else's ear as an opinion for certain melodies, etc. Every other song on the album was 100% completed in my own personal home studio. 

Need406: How long did it take to make the music video for Crash?

Cristina: We actually did two versions of this video. We did the the storyline version and a band performance version for the label to heavily promote. The video's literally took about a day to do. Our videographer was amazing and had it back to us the next day. 

Need406: After 'Exordium' was mixed and pressed what was the first thing that went thru your mind after listening to the album?

Cristina: The first thing that ran through our minds was, finally! Our last release had been back in 2010, so this CD was 4+ years in the making. We were very excited and happy that the process for this round was done... Believe it or not we are already writing for the next album.

Need406: What do you feel the benefits are in self-producing the band's music?

Cristina: No timeline, big money saver, and creative freedom. We also know what sound we are going for and don't have have to sit there explaining it to someone over and over again. Also in an instance like me re-writing two songs, I had the availability to do that at 3:00 am in my PJ's with no one charging me or telling me it was too late. 

Need406: Do you feel being a Florida based band has made it easier or harder to land a record deal?

Cristina: I think it's harder. There are so many bands in Florida and it's such an over saturated market. We had been on a search for a while. We met with different labels both major and independent and everywhere someone wanted to change us. For us to land this with Pavement and having the great team backing and supporting who we are means a lot. 

Need406: How do you feel Oblivious Signal has changed since the band formed back in 2008?

Cristina: We have definitely found our sound and niche. We were a lot heavier back in the day, and since realizing my vocal range was more than just an aggressive style and I could sing different ranges and genres, Nick had more freedom to delve into more melodic writing. We definitely have more catchy hooks that draw people in now but still give you that ass kicking heaviness. 

Need406: How do you feel having the albility to sing in both English and Spanish benefits you as a singer?

Cristina: I think we can impact and reach more people. I also feel being relatable in different cultures expands a business a long way, and that is how I feel about being bilingual and the benefits for this band. 

Need406: If you were going to write a song about how your day is going what would you title that song?

Cristina: "Freezing in Rochester".  We are here for one of our tour stops today, and being from Florida and originally from Puerto Rico, I am freezing in the 47 degree weather haha!

Need406: When can we expect to see Oblivious Signal play shows in Massachusetts?

Christina: When will it be summer in Massachusetts? Just kidding! Would love to head out there in the Fall for sure. We have plans right now to go back out on the road in the Fall, I am just not sure where all the dates will take us.

Oblivious Signal is: Cristina T. Feliciano (Vocals) - Nick Orisino (Guitar) - Jason Talley (Drums) - Greg Andrews (Bass).  Their album 'Exordium' was released via Pavement Entertainment on June 2, 2015 and is available at and other online outlets as well as at all the usual retail outlets.