Interview with Vinnie Paul of HELLYEAH

We chatted with drummer Vinnie Paul of the heavy metal band HELLYEAH about band's album (Band of Brothers scheduled to be released on July 17, 2012) and several other subjects. Below is what Vinnie had to say to us: 

NEED406: What is the Significance of the album title Band Of Brothers?

Vinnie: It was the music that really brought us all together and we felt an overwhelming sense of Brotherhood making this record!

NEED406: Going into the studio how many songs did the band have written and what was the processing in deciding which songs would make it onto Band of Brothers and which ones would not?

Vinnie: We believe in quality not quantity... We write the best songs we can and put them on the record! All killer and no filler!!

NEED406: What was the motivation for making Band Of Brothers heavier and more metal-orientated than previous HELLYEAH albums?

Vinnie: It was time for us to get back to our roots, back to what we do best! Metal!! The first two HELLYEAH records were a great way for us to step away from what we had done in our previous bands and experiment with many styles of music: blues, southern rock, country straight up rock and some metal thrown in there. Band Of Brothers was all about taking what we have done in our previous bands and melting it all together. This is probably the record people expected when they first heard about HELLYEAH.

NEED406: Where do you feel your greatest musical inspirations lie?

Vinnie: Me personally it comes from Van Halen, Judas Priest, Kiss and Black Sabbath. All those bands have been a huge influence and inspiration all of my life!

NEED406: If HELLYEAH got the chance to rule the world what would their first act be as our new overlords be?

Vinnie: Legalize weed!! Life's a party and it's ashame that mother nature is against the law! No stems no seeds that you don't need Acapulco Gold is bad ass weed!! 

NEED406: If the world were to end in a Zombie Apocalypse what three bands would HELLYEAH choose to join them in a concert to celebrate the occasion?

Vinnie: Come on Man! Van Halen and Kiss!! Rock n' Roll all night and party every day!

NEED406: Do you have anything to say to HELLYEAH fans who read this interview?

Vinnie: Thank you for supporting all of us in our previous bands and now HELLYEAH! Without you we are nothing!! Big Love. 

HELLYEAH's new album, Band of Brothers was released on July 17, 2012 via Eleven Seven records. It is available at all the usual locations and online outlets. For more information log onto the official HELLYEAH website listed below. 

Chad Gray – Vocals
Tom Maxwell – Guitar 
Vinnie Paul – Drums
Kyle Sanders – Bass

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