Interview With Steve Kilroy of Freaks Like Me


April 21, 2015 — We recently chatted with Steve Kilroy drummer from the band Freaks Like Me. Below is what he had to say to us:

Need406: For the few who have not yet heard of Freaks Like Me could you please tell us a little about the band?

Steve: FLM is comprised of 3 guys from 3 different countries (US/UK/Ireland) who got together to tour as a Nirvana tribute and eventually started writing and recording original music together. The first session was in London and then the US and Holland while touring. The name 'FREAKS LIKE ME came from how it feels to be in a band on tour in a small town in a different country, being different at school, feeling self-conscious whatever, we figure there are a lot of people who feel like Freaks, especially in the new digital hyper crazy social, anti-social web world we now live in.  People are definitely more susceptible to abuse and to be judged, especially kids. It's a harsh reality but we want people to know it's ok to be a freak, we love you anyway.

Need406: Freaks Like Me started out as a Nirvana cover band. What made the band decide to change band names and record original songs?

Steve: We knew Jon was a songwriter and Dave and I, having worked in other bands before, we could see the potential once we started recording. Touring together also gave us the chance to road test the band and luckily we became friends as well which is an important part of any successful band. We're actually still touring the Nirvana show and mixing FLM songs and gigs around the tours but obviously if FLM hits, we will retire Nirvana.

Need406: What was the goal in recording Philosophies For The Modern Ant in three different countries?

Steve: I can't say that was the goal, it's just how it happened. We recorded a few songs when we felt inspired and had the opportunity as we did in London and Holland at studios we used in the past, the bulk of the recordings were done though in one session in Boston.

Need406: When the band was recording in Boston did the band visit any local sites?

Steve: Well, Dave and I live in Boston and I grew up there so no not recently haha. Jon has done the tourist walk through the city. I do wish they could have seen it in the past.  Places like The Rat, The Channel, Mama Kin are gone but Boston still rocks!

Need406: How did the band decide upon the title Philosophies For The Modern Ant?

Steve: That's a question for Jon but i think people can decipher that one, it's not that deep haha!

Need406: What turned out to be the easiest and most difficult tracks to record on Philosophies For The Modern Ant?

Steve: The first track we recorded 'Down' was the most challenging. This was the first one we recorded and one we finished writing and arranging while we were in the studio. It's much different than performing on stage and even though we all have experience, the first time as a band can be tenuous. The rest of the album was easy enough, we thrive in that environment so it's not seen as a difficult process. Dave does all the engineering so in that respect he had the most hours in on the album but again, work you love, isn't really work is it?

Need406: What are your favorite song(s) off Philosophies For The Modern Ant to perform live and why?

Steve: We enjoy all of them really, I think each of us has our own favorite. 

Need406: Were there any songs that failed to make it onto the EP that could see the light of day in the future?

Steve: Yes and no, there are always songs that don't make it on to an album for a number of reasons but this batch of songs really sums up the first couple years of us as a band and will close the chapter nicely. We have the entire next album written and ready to record so hopefully we'll get the chance to continue based on the success of this one. 

Need406: Are there any concert venues in the Boston area that Freaks Like Me would like to perform at?

Steve: All of them haha! There aren't many left but i would love to play the Royale or the House Of Blues.

Need406: Speaking of live shows, In what ways do you think Freaks Like Me has changed since the band did their first live show?

Steve: The band is still pretty new in terms of getting around but touring itself often changes a bands perspective on life which has a direct influence on the music. The band has plans to evolve with each album and have NO plans to remain stagnant.

Need406: What is the band's tour plans for the remainder of 2015?

Steve: Touring the US and getting back to Europe in the fall. The radio reports have been pretty telling and we're now planning the tour around the hotspots. More press and hopefully more opportunities. 

Need406: Will Jon ever play an entire set in a Banana suit?

Steve: I wouldn't put anything by Jon but don't be surprised if you see Dave in a dress one day haha!

Need406: Any last thoughts before we finish our Interview?

Steve: We thank everyone who's on board with us, to those who have kind words for us and pray it strikes a chord with the masses.

Freaks Like Me Is:
Jon O’Connor – Vocals/Guitar, Dave Eve – Bass and Steve Kilroy – Drums/B-Vox. Their EP, "Philosophies For The Modern Ant" is now available at all the usual outlets.