Candy Hearts Video Interview

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We were able to catch up with Mariel Loveland the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Candy Hearts. We chatted with her about Candy Hearts latest album, 'All The Ways You Let Me Down', playing warped tour, does the band have a reason for putting a particular song last on their album(s), does she see Candy Hearts going in a different direction on future albums, Did she ever go to warped tour as a fan and did that inspire her to be a musician, how supportive her parents were with her decision to become a musician and the band's social networking pages. You can watch what she said to us in the embedded video below:


Candy Hearts Is:

Mariel Loveland - Vocals/Guitar
Matthew Ferraro - Drums
John Clifford - Bass

Candy Hearts Discography:
Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams (2010)
Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy (2011)
The Best Ways to Disappear EP (2012)
Miles & Interstates EP (2013)
All the Ways You Let Me Down (2014)

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