Interview With Adam Hill of Another Lost Year

                                   Another Lost Year

May 23, 2013 --- We had the chance to chat with Adam Hill from the band Another Lost Year about a number of topics. Below is what he had to say to us about these topics.

Need406: For the few souls who have not yet heard of Another Lost Year could you please tell us a little bit about your band?

Adam: The band formed in the spring of 2011. I met Clint at an open mic and he heard me do some acoustic stuff. He asked me to come jam with the band he had recently formed. They hadn't played any shows at that point together. Literally a month later we started doing week long runs and whatnot trying to get our name out there. It was extremely quick how it happened. Clint had known the rest of the guys from other projects over the years so I was the new weird guy.

Need406: Last year the band was in the studio recording their first major album release at what point did the band decide "hey let's call this album Better days!" and was there any particular reason or reasons for coming up with that title?

Adam: Better Days was the first time any of us had ever really done something major. We went in with I think 16 songs in pre production. We had just spent a major chunk of time out on the road and all of our money and efforts were going into this album...literally our lives were in it. At the time we had talked about it being self titled when Clint gave one of his regular pep talks that we all need from time to time and he said "Better Days are ahead of us...we just gotta keep busting our asses and work harder than everyone else". That's when it was just like....THAT HAS to be the name of the album. Has to.

Need406: In what ways did producer Justin Rimer help Another Lost Year craft Better Days into the album that it is?

Adam: Just having that extra ear in the room that hadn't heard the same songs a thousand times and an extra nudge to search for something more...that really helped push us out of our comfort zone to really find where the songs needed to go. Plus it didn't hurt that he had gold records behind his head the wholetime. Haha.

Need406: Can we get your take on what War On The Inside is about?

Adam: Clint wrote the song about meatloaf I believe (just kidding) ...but for me, I am own worst enemy. I beat myself up and I've struggled a bunch of personal things. Everyone has the good and evil in their head and it's how we respond to those voices that makes us who we really are.

Need406: Writing on the Wall is the lastest single off Better Days can we also get your take on this song?

Adam: This is one of the few that I brought some input on and also one of the later songs that came along. I think we all search for answers to everyday things and most of the time, they're right in front of us. Sometimes we look too much into things or refuse to look at what's obvious because we don't want that to be the actual answer.

Need406: What other songs does the band plan to release as singles?

Adam: I'm not too sure...we could go the ballad-esque route with Come and Gone or just blow it out with Forgot About Us. Maybe we'll let our fans decide...they're the ones that put us here in the first place.

Need406: What song or songs are your favorite to play live and why?

Adam: Forgot About Us for sure. At that point of the set we've taken you through tons of different emotions and this is a heavy hitter. Lots of different pretty parts that even a new audience (let's face it, not everyone in the world has listened to us...yet) can grasp and sing along to. I'm usually exhausted at the end of the song whips my ass.

Need406: How many tour dates does Another Lost Year have planned for 2013?

Adam: We did over 220 shows last more than that. You've got to keep moving forward right?

Need406: If you were to write a song about what 2013 has been like so far for you what would you title the song?

Adam: Death Wish...haha.

Need406: What are your thoughts on being featured on Nikki Sixx's SixxSense national radio show?

Adam: I mean it's Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe...that's a humbling thing to be apart of. It's a syndicated show too so it hits some new markets for us which makes for huge exposure for a band that's getting its footing. It's an honor.

Need406: As a musician how often do you think band's should release new studio albums?

Adam: If you would've asked me this question a year ago I would've said every doubt. But now that I've done it, and toured I think it's up to the people writing it. If there's one thing I've learned from last year, it's not to rush anything. We've let the band really start doing its own thing and wonderful things have happened in the process. Whenever we've attempted to force something it always slows progress.

Need406: Can you tell us some of the ways you have created your own destiny?

Adam: Nothing has stopped us...when band members have quit (which hasn't happened often at all) Clint will pick up a guitar or bass in a second and we can go play right then and there. Not much can get in our way. Except broken transmissions. Those things are super expensive. We're on number 3.

Need406: What tidbits of knowledge did Another Lost Year learn when recording Better Days that will help the band when it comes time to record the next album?

Adam: Way too much to talk about. I spent 9 weeks in the control room with Justin and our engineer Jason. Watching them go back and forth for 10 hours a day about tones and reverb and splitting this and that. I tried to be a sponge and soak in as much in as possible.

Need406: Speaking of that next album... Any idea when the band will start planning on it?

Adam: We've already got several songs ready to go. We're going to get through this summer festival season and go from there. I know that I'm really itching to get back in there and get some new jams going.

Need406: Any last words you would like to say to fans of Another Lost Year?

Adam: Persistence is key. We got told NO a thousand times before we got a single YES. Sometimes that's all it takes...go and get it.

Another Lost Year Is:
Dave Whitaker - Guitar
Clinton Cunanan - Vocals
Adam Hall - Vocals/Guitar
Lee Norris - Drums
Jason Lovelace - Bass