Interview With Dave Adams of A.D.D.


March 10, 2015 --- We had the chance to chat with guitarist Dave Adams from the band A.D.D. about how the band decided their moniker as well as their new album "Core" (due out later this month). Below is what he had to say to us.

Need406: How did A.D.D. decide upon their band name? 

Dave: We wanted something simple and to the point, like KISS. It morphed into meaning Analog Digital Disorder, which describes our sound perfectly. Analog representing the older sounds and influences, and Digital representing a newer, more modern sound. We feel like we mix both of those elements into our music.

Need406: What can you tell us about the new album? 

Dave: Our new album "CORE" is a diverse album. We have some our heaviest ("I Regret") and lightest ("Was My Life") material we've ever written on this album. We also get to throw in a cover of "Black" by Sevendust, which is a priviledge and an honor for us seeing that they are a band that was a big influence on all of us.

Need406: Core is scheduled to drop on March 24, 2015. How did the band decide on this date? 

Dave: The label (Pavement Entertainment) coordinated with the distributor (Sony/Red) on this date. We also wanted the album out by Spring, since that's when the heavy touring season starts.

Need406: "Core" has 10 tracks on it how did A.D.D. decide on including these tracks on the album? 

Dave: We always have a simple rule of picking the best songs, regardless of the style or who wrote the song.

Need406: How many songs did not make it onto the album and does A.D.D. have plans to release those songs in the future? 

Dave: We only record the songs that we think are "album-worthy" so to speak. We have a handful of demos around that we will revisit when the time comes to start the next album.

Need406: "I Regret" is the first single off of 'Core' how did the band decide on releasing this song first? 

Dave: We felt that "I Regret" has an energy and attitude that represents the band, as well as the album very well.

Need406: What other songs does A.D.D. plan to release as singles? 

Dave: Nothing is confirmed at the moment, but "Not My Way" definitely stands as a strong candidate to be the next single.

Need406: How did A.D.D. get Grammy Award winner Trevor Sadler to master the new album? 

Dave: We had worked with Trevor on our last record as well. He also had a prior relationship with our producer Chris Wisco, as well as our mixing engineer Tadpole.

Need406: For people who are unfamiliar with the mixing process can you go into details on how the band mixed the album? 

Dave: We recorded the tracks up in Racine, WI. with producer/engineer Chris Wisco, then he would send the tracks to Tadpole for mixing. We then would normally go through a few revisions with Tadpole until the song was sounding up to our liking.

Need406: What were your thoughts when you first listened to "Core" after it was mixed and mastered? 

Dave: It was a great feeling of accomplishment, knowing all the blood, sweat, and tears that were put into this album over the last couple of years.

Need406: What is your favorite song off "Core" to play live and why? 

Dave: As of now, it's "Not My Way" because of the great audience response we get. Pretty amazing, considering the song hasn't been released yet.

Need406: In an era where music fans seem to want it for free was there a secret recipe the band used to sell 6,000 CDs 
independently and amass over 4,000 paid downloads? 

Dave: I think it boils down to good songs and an honesty in what you are writing/playing. Rock fans can tell when something is not authentic, or you are just going through the motions.

Need406: A.D.D. has performed with a virtual who's who of music including such bands as Korn, Sevendust and Altherbridge (amongst others). What tidbits of  knowledge did the band gain to help A.D.D. become the band they are in 2015? 

Dave: Playing with those amazing bands taught us alot about what it really takes if you want to make music your career. They taught us not only on how to be better musicians, but also on how to conduct yourself professionally away from the stage. 

Need406: What are A.D.D.'s tour plans for the summer of 2015? 

Dave: Right now we have some smaller club headline dates booked, as well as some shows opening for some bigger nationals. One of the highlights will be playing Rockfest in Cadott, WI. on July 17, 2015 with the likes of Shinedown, Nickelback, & Judas Priest.

A.D.D. is from Chicago, IL. Their new album "Core" is scheduled to drop on March 24, 2015 via Pavement Entertainment and will be available at all the usual outlets.

A.D.D. (Analog Digital Disorder) Is:
Matilda Moon - Vocals
Dave Adams - Guitar
Jeremy Sparta - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Delismon - Drums

A.D.D. Discography:
Elements of Emptiness (2009)
Hear Me Now EP (2011)
Core (March 24, 2015)